At the beginning of 2019 we took some time out of the workshop to design and put together plans to build a couple of Eco Cabins within our newly planted woodland. We obtained planning under the new permitted development rules, introduced last year after Reforesting Scotland’s successful 1000 huts campaign.

Off the beaten track

Our cabins will be set well off the beaten track within the woodland and will sleep 4-6 people, users will park in the workshop carpark and walk through the ancient oak woodland to get to them. As a result of their remote situation, careful attention to detail was required, to get the balance of energy usage to energy available correct.

Eco cabins

In line with our environmental ethos it was also important to consider the full life cost of the cabins and to this end all materials used in their construction will be fully recyclable. The insulation used will be natural wool throughout and the building will require very little heating even in the coldest months, due to its low U values. The timbers used in its construction will be untreated and the external oak cladding will be milled from our own oak woodland. Power for lights and hot water will be supplied through 4Kw of solar panels via a battery storage bank. Gas for cooking will be the only fossil fuel used. The finished cabin, when compared with a conventional cabin structure  will save 8.46 tonnes of CO2 per annum = 170 tonnes in its 20 year anticipated lifespan.

Simple pleasures – home comforts

Everyone nowadays has access to TV, radio and their own music library on their phones, pads and laptops, so we have decided to fill the walls of the cabin with books of all kinds and board games offering a chance to experience something different from their everyday lives. A covered veranda with a cushioned swing seat will offer a comfortable place to listen to the rain on the roof, shade from the midday sun, read a book or watch the sun set. In the coldest months a small wood burning stove will provide a comforting glow in the middle of the room.

Coming soon!

Due to the Coronavius pandemic, our plans have been put on hold for now. We hope to restart the project as soon as the situation allows.