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Welcome to Dovetail Scotland

uniquely beautiful creations from wood & stone – respecting their natural character and origins

“Like an old fisherman’s face, etched by weather and experience, so too are our indigenous timbers defined by their variations of colour and wild swirling grain.”

What we make

Dovetail Scotland specialize in bespoke, handmade Kitchens, furniture, Post and Beam structures and specialist signage in stone slate and wood.

We strive for the highest degree of craftsmanship at all times and just as each tree is unique, so too is each piece we produce.

Scottish Wood

We only use local Scottish hardwoods and quality softwoods which we cut and dry with our own sawmill and Solar kiln  drying facilities. Our surplus timber is marketed through the Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers {ASHS} and the Scottish Furniture Makers Association {SFMA} business groups of which we are active members.

We are also proud to be members of the Scottish Working Woods label, guaranteeing the materials used to produce our products are at least 98% of Scottish origin.

Off-grid woodland location

Our off grid workshop and yard are setup just off the B822, adjacent to our own woodland, 1.5 miles from the beautiful village of Fintry, Stirlingshire. The workshop facilities can produce wood turnings, skirting, facings and architectural features, in most Scottish timbers, to suit the most demanding requirements.

We care for the Environment

We hold strong ethical views on the environment,  which we have implemented through our almost 20 years in business, planting nearly 25,000 mixed hardwoods to date, and a 50 tree mixed orchard, All of which we now manage.

Woodland Eco Cabins to rent

From early 2020 the first of two woodland Eco cabins, designed and hand built by Dovetail, will be available to rent. Their design and construction strongly influenced through our membership of The Scottish Ecological Design Association. These cabins will allow others to experience and enjoy the woodland first hand, the rent from which will be used to manage, maintain and improve the woodland for future generations.

Our Bees

As of August 2021 we have seven colonies of honey bees, now  comfortably settled in at the Dovetail Apiary .   

Invest in your environment!

In March 2016 we planted 23,525 mixed hardwoods replacing what we will use in our lifetime 1000 times over and ensuring a quality timber stock for future generations.

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