1. Quotations & Estimates

    No VAT is applicable to the final prices quoted.
    Prices exclude delivery unless otherwise stated. 
    Prices are valid for 3 months from the estimate or quotation date. 
    Any clerical error or omission may be corrected by the seller without liability. 
    The issuing of an estimate or quotation is not a binding contract between the seller and the buyer.

  2. Delivery

    The seller will use its best endeavours to deliver the goods within a time that may have been agreed between the Seller and the Buyer. 
    The Seller shall in no circumstances be liable to the Buyer for any failure to deliver, or delay in delivery however caused.

  3. Payments

    Terms of payments as set down in quotations must be strictly adhered to. 
    Any alterations or additions out with the original quotation will be added to the final invoice unless otherwise agreed. 
    Production will not begin until the deposit has been received. 
    Failure to meet payment due dates may result in a delay to the contract completion date. 
    In the unlikely event of a contract cancelation after it has begun the Seller will retain funds sufficient to cover any costs incurred.

  4. Risk and Title

    Legal title of all goods shall remain with the Seller until full payment has been made as laid down in our terms of payment. 
    The risk in the goods shall pass to the buyer on delivery or collection from the workshop. 
    No responsibility will be taken for excessive movement of furniture which is placed close to a direct heat source, close to a high airflow area or if the relative humidity of the room is below 35%. Any subsequent repairs required will be charged accordingly. 
    Drawings produced by the Seller shall remain the property of the Seller until the final payment on the contract has been made.

  5. Contract Interpretation

    Whilst every endeavour is taken to interpret a Buyers idea, it is the Buyers responsibility to be completely clear (via the drawings) about what they have ordered. Once production begins any changes required by the Buyer or caused by any other trades people are not the responsibility of the Seller and will be charged accordingly.