From the launch of Dovetail Scotland in May 2000 we set out an environmental statement which we have stood by from the outset. Put simply we made the decision to put back more than we take during our working career and respect the environment around us.

Off-Grid Living & Working

We have been living and working completely off grid now since June 2016. Our electricity is supplied by a small wind turbine and 5Kw of solar panels, with a backup diesel generator which all charge our battery bank. Currently we need to use the generator when working the main workshop tools, however we recently commissioned a report from ‘Resource Efficient Scotland’ to look at ways for Dovetail to become completely fossil fuel free as soon as reasonably possible

Sustainable Woodland

In 2013 we were lucky enough to put our money where our mouth was and purchased a small ancient mixed hardwood woodland with a large field behind it. In March 2016, we planted a 23,525 mixed hardwoods, deer and rabbit proofing the area. With the Deer, rabbits and sheep now fenced out, the old woodland is showing signs of natural regeneration. Dovetail now manages the woodland area within which we have created miles of walks on cut grass paths to enjoy.

Living with Nature – Woodland Eco Cabins

Early Summer 2020 will see the construction of the first of two off grid woodland Eco cabins, designed and constructed by Dovetail Scotland. This will allow others to come along, stay and enjoy the woodland and surrounding area. The rental income from the cabins will be used to manage, improve and develop the woodland for future generations to enjoy.


Early 2019 saw the introduction of our first colony of honey bees to help with pollination of our woodland and orchard, produce our own furniture wax and on a good year give us some quality honey. 

Wildflower Meadow 

More than 80% of the UK’s wildflower meadows have now disappeared, lost to urbanisation and modern intensive farming methods. These wildflower meadows were havens to bees, butterflies and many other insects, which in turn supported small birds and mammals. The plight of many of these creatures are now well documented of which the bees are probably the best known. As we all go through our daily lives, it is difficult to see what we can do as individuals. Surely It takes government level action to restore the balance?

The entrance to our yard and workshop is driven through a three acre field which until recently was grazed by sheep. The Apiary is now established adjacent to this field and the next step is to create a wildflower meadow and orchard, which in time, in some small way, will contribute to restoring that balance. As with everything there is a significant cost to doing this and to this end we have set up a Paypal Pool account and would like to share the creation of this space with whomever would like to be part of it. Simply donate whatever you feel you can and watch, through the website, or visit, to see it take shape and know you did a little bit to help make it happen.

Environmental Statement

“My oak tree for hundreds of years will live.
Perhaps the most important thing I had to give. “

Bernard Shaw

tree planting for the future