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Dovetail Scotland spent 12 years in rented premises next to Tradstocks, a local stone company based just outside Thornhill. During our time there we expanded into template cutting and sign making, more at the bequest of Tradstocks than by design. Although we have never marketed this side of our business, it has provided steady work over the years.

From Domestic to Monumental

Possibly our attention to detail, an artistic eye and an engineering background stood us in good stead! We have been producing specialist signs and monuments now for nearly 20 years, from headstones to full monuments like the Forth Road Bridge or SAS projects to simple house signs in stone, slate or wood depending on what is requested of us. We can design, if required, or simply produce the finished article designed by another design company if preferred.

Design Engineering & Technology

We utilize sand blasting equipment which allows virtually any graphic to be transferred onto a cutting mask, applied to any media, granite, stone, slate or wood. The process cuts approximately a 5mm deep channel leaving a clean sharp image which can be painted or gold or silver leafed if required lasting for generations.

So if you need a new house sign, a headstone or wish to discuss a full monument, come and talk to us. 

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