Costing Guide: All prices for our products come down to 3 things ‘Time, Materials & Expenses‘

  • Time:- Our Labour charge includes associated costs for running the workshop, machine and workshop maintenance, tools & tooling etc. This is currently: £35 hour.
  • Materials:- This will include all the materials required to create your project including timber, hardware, oils, fixings etc.
  • Expenses:- Diesel for the generator (Off grid electricity), diesel for our van for picking up materials and delivering finished units or furniture and any other associated expenses.

Initial Enquiry: All projects begin with an initial enquiry to establish a guideline cost, helping determine if Dovetail is the right maker for you. In most cases this is done quickly via email. If you wish to discuss your project in more detail we encourage a personal visit to our workshop. This allows you to meet our team, have a tour of the workshop and see first-hand, the different timbers we can offer. If you are happy with your visit and require something a little more tangible we move to the design stage.

Design: At this stage we charge for our time to put together the 2D CAD based design drawing sets required. The costs here are determined by the size of the project and the time it takes to progress the design to our clients satisfaction. This can be anywhere from 1 to 5 days. This is currently charged at £280 day.

Final Paperwork: by the time we reach this level all the detailed drawings and costings have been agreed. We finalise the time schedule and the terms of payment over the project time line. Once the deposit is paid it is booked into the diary and the process is complete.

We have developed this procedure over a number of years and have found that our clients like its clarity, giving them a detailed view of what they are likely to get for their money.