"The selection and processing of our timber ensures the integrety of the finished product"
OUR NEW YARD is just short of an acre, giving us a plenty of room to operate the timber processing side of our business. We purchase all our timber locally in the round and mill them in our yard where they are stacked to air dry before being kiln dried and turned into furniture. Although still in the early stages we are working on a wood and solar based kiln, all contributing to a low carbon footprint in line with our environmental policy. This should also reduce the final cost of our timber giving us a competitive edge.

As members of ASHS (the Association of Scottish Hardwood Saw-millers) we are in a position to sell timber surplus to our own needs to other makers and hobbyists. We can also offer the service of processing client’s timber to be turned into furniture for them, should this be required.

Mighty oaks from acorns grow!